►WTF? 9 Year Old Sister of Miley Cyrus launches lingerie line for kids – http://su.pr/1yqoCy

@jasperblu Totally agree with you on that point…those kids are headed for big trouble! =(

@A_Lan Sometimes they do, but some of my favorite people to interact with don’t have high numbers of followers. Twitter is what you make it!

@Shan_219 sorry have no idea what you are responding too! But glad you thought it was cool! ~hugs~

@A_Lan I don’t know, who you know helps in the real world, but you better know something or you will never make it anywhere!

@MrTweet I recommend @CrazyAssArubian for constantly giving back and for being a great friend! #MrTweet

@A_Lan Having the right knowledge makes you smart enough to have the right connections. They kind of go hand in hand. 😉

@MrTweet I recommend @christuff for being a true friend, on Twitter and beyond! #MrTweet

@A_Lan People skills are part of knowledge…if they aren’t smart enough to have people skills, are they really smart?

@A_Lan True, but imagaine how much brighter they would be if they opened up to people 😉

@MrTweet I recommend @ravenhairgirl for being an awesome friend and an asset to my twitter stream! #MrTweet