shower girlSanta is just bringing all types of gifts for the naughty this season. Burger King U.K. presents an interactive webcam that urges viewers to “seize the day your way” by watching a live cam girl shake her buns (pun intended) and everything else while singing in the shower. The largely male viewership is Burger King’s target audience as they say that men are primarily buying their breakfast.

The voyeuristic social media campaign is located at and is restricted to men over the age of 18 by only a simple birthdate request.

Burger King is even allowing men to compete for a date with the shower girl by telling them why they deserve the date with the 20 year old. The prize is a date at Burger King with the sizzling model for breakfast.

Of course there are coupons and a few videos of past cam performances, so it’s not too late to catch up guys (and gals). And there is even an audition tape so you can see the ladies that Burger King’s team did not choose.


10409609-3The youtube audition video (embedded at the end of this article) only had about 8000 views and lots of negative comments at the time of this post, and it has been running since December 7, 2009. The campaign is scheduled to run through the month of December. So we’ll have to see if this becomes the viral campaign that Burger King was hoping for.

Overall you get to see a sexy girl with her rubber duck sing four songs in the shower with your choice of five bikinis. Makes you wonder if Burger King believes that sex is the only way to market their product even after all of the negative publicity received from their Spongebob Squarebutts campaign back in April, 2009.

Now I have two questions guys: How many guys made it to breakfast at Burger King after viewing the morning sessions? And how many washed their hands before arriving?