nobel funk offWords can not describe this viral music video billed as “Quite possibly the funkiest supergroup of all time. Peace Out.” Just watch as the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa exhibit some funky sounds in the name of peace in this high quality video.

A bit of research reveals absolutely nothing about this “group”, not to mention it was loaded on a brand new YouTube account. This begs the question: “What is the story behind this viral campaign?”

The Youtube account was set up on November 16, 2009 by user TheNobelFunkOff who according to data entered by the user, is a 41 year old from Australia. The makeup is definitely a professional job, even the video quality is top notch!

You can’t miss the Michael Jackson gloved hand that appears to flash the peace sign for a brief moment, is that a clue? Youtube and twitter comments have been playing on the “Nobel” and “peace” terms and asking, “Where’s Obama?” But noone seems to have any solid evidence who is behind it.

So watch and enjoy! But most of all help us solve the mystery.


I received a mesage from Steve Hirst, who explined the details behind this amazing campaign.

This clip was made to build the profile of His Holiness the Dalai Lama amongst younger Australians before his visit to Australia on Dec 1 where he will be doing a series of teachings and public talks. It was made by LAVA communications in collaboration with a private supporter. It was produced without the knowledge of the Dalai Lama Organisation….Hopefully the space is something to watch as it has struck a chord with the viewers…….. regards!