While enjoying my daily Pinterest addiction, I was shocked to see one of my own repins  show up on Pinterest as a Best Buy giveaway. I quickly rushed to delete it, but the repin and edit buttons were nowhere to be found! I then tried to report the original pinner, who coincidentally I wasn’t even following, and guess what…no report option available!

I finally was able to delete this from my board but only by deleting the entire board. But as I checked back, it appears friends of mine from all over the world were being taken over by this same spam repin giveaway!

Apparently it does the following:

1. It disables the “Report” option on Pinterest.

2. It disables the editing and repinning buttons on Pinterest.

3. It somehow attaches to your legitimate repins and replaces it with a repin of the spammers giveaway,making it appear you actually repinned the spammer.

4. And in the short time I have taken to jot down this info it has effectively changed to an iPhone giveaway!

5. It also adds the pin to your Like board. So be sure to view your Likes and simply unlike to remove it from your board!

It does appear that Pinterest is working on it, my last two refreshes have shown none of the giveaways! But this is definitely something we should all be aware of.

UPDATE: My dear friend Laura Walker suggested adding the word EDIT to the link and you can easily delete the offensive pin if this happens to you!

UPDATE FROM PINTEREST: Thanks for reporting an issue with spam Pins that affected users for a brief period Saturday, March 17. Our team has solved the issue that allowed these Pins to spread, and is in the process of removing the suspect Pins. We appreciate having users like you looking out for our community.

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