I was unfollowed this morning for saying no. Actually I said no twice, which I assume is what made her mad at me. I wasn’t aware that if someone RTs me, that I owe them something. And when I say “something” … I mean  an advertisement cleverly disguised as an infographic hosted on my site and promoted by me.

I truly was trying to be nice. I even started my response by saying I was sorry, but that wasn’t enough. I could have simply ignored. Some say that is better. But I hate to ignore people intentionally. I truly want to show them the respect of at least a reply, even if it is a simple “no.”

Make no mistake, I have no problem with two friends helping each other out by spreading articles, links and information across social media networks. What I do have a problem with is people who have cultivated no relationship, or pre-disclosed agreement, demanding or expecting that they are owed anything in social media. We all have the right to choose what, when and how we share in social media.

Ok …  I could be wrong, and according to the Social Media Expert Engineer known as Claire Stokoe, I am wrong to make my own choices. She warned me before she unfollowed that I shouldn’t speak to her like crap because she RTs me.  (She clearly did not read my Top 10 Reasons Why I Did Not RT You article.) I do. however,  beg to differ on the statement that I treated her like crap. I politely declined, and then declined a second time.

On her site, she speaks about a term called “Whuffie” and defines that as what makes people trust a person. She goes on to say that .. prosperity is measured in good deeds, favors and trust.

OK so I guess her good deed in reference to me was that she RTed a few articles I posted. Her favors (though unknown to me when she began RTing me) were to be defined at a later date by a request to host an advertisement disguised as a guest blog disguised as an infographic on my web site.

And the trust, well I am still trying to determine how she gained my trust, and how could I ever have any sort of trusting relationship with her, when I know now that any relationship would be contingent on me bowing to her demands.

Her advice in an article about how brands should use twitter, she states,

“Mostly, I’d say to be honest – and I don’t mean say ‘hey, I work for [company]’ for every account you run, I mean if you set out an agenda in the beginning stick to it,” Stokoe advised. “If you plan to entertain them, do it; if you plan to sell to them, forget it. If you are running your account as a customer service exercise then 100 per cent disclosure is needed, deal with issues opening and very publicly. Show your flaws, we all have them, make the brand personable.”

Honestly though, she missed the mark today. She forgot how to cultivate a relationship on Twitter. I hate to believe she never knew it at all and just tossed out a few quick soundbites for the purpose of an article. However, anything is possible. I do believe that she needs an extra dose of whuffie.

NOTE: I would like to thank the developers of the New Twitter for making this screenshot so easy to obtain and post. The only way these threaded DMs could be better is if they had the oldest message at the top to allow for easier viewing, but you can read backwards today. Also absolutely love the fact that it counts the DMs and clearly shows that there were 9 in total exchanged between the @Killer_Bunnie and myself. (Click the photo to enlarge)

NOTE: Whuffie Image from http://www.greenrmedia.co.uk