I have been playing around on Digg for over a year, and I do enjoy the thrill of getting an article to the front page. But learning Digg is not easy. I started out like everyone else, I was clueless as to how to achieve a popular submission.

I began by trying to get my blog out. One day I was told I was doing it all wrong, and was offered some help. It took me awhile to accept the assistance, I did not know the user, but finally I accepted it and learned.

If you really want to see your blog on Digg one day, or have some success on Digg, the best way to achieve that is to be a part of the community that chooses what makes it to the top. Today I teach you how to make your experience on Digg a better one with a few tips I learned along the way.

1. Digg Is A Community

It’s no different than Twitter, Facebook or any social network. In order to have any success there you must be a part of that community. So your first step on Digg should not be subbing articles but building a network of friends. You do this by digging what active users have subbed. And if you are serious about your success at Digg, you should be digging between 100-200 articles a day. And trust me, active users are watching and they will notice you if you are digging and commenting on their content.

2. Fill Out Your Profile

Digg is a social community with no way of communicating with members. Silly, I know. This is why you must have a complete profile. Be sure to add links to contact you on Twitter, Gtalk, Skype or whatever networks you may use. You can also add a link to your blog, and your links on other social networks like StumbleUpon.

3. Friend Active Digg Users

Be careful who you choose for a friend. On every Digg user’s page there are statistics. The number of articles should be insignificant in comparison to the number of articles dugg. Don’t go crazy and add hundreds of users. If you are new and have already added friends, now is the time to start reviewing and removing friends based on statistics. Once you have these friends you should be checking your friend’s submissions daily and digging up all the cool stories!


4. Participate By Commenting

It’s not necessary to comment on every article you digg, but when you have something funny to say, or something that can be an asset to the sub, but all means do it. Doing this allows you to be seen by other Digg users as an active participant. But be careful, commenting on Digg is an art form all it’s own. Think before you type.

5. Don’t Bury Articles

If you don’t like an article move on, but wasting your time and energy burying articles does nothing to make friends on Digg. The only reason you should ever bury an article is if it contains something against Digg Terms of Service such as porn or spam.

6. Review Front Page Content Regularly

In order to know what works on Digg and what the community prefers, you must watch what people regularly digg up to the front page. Check the submissions with the most diggs and you will see that Digg users have their own personal style and interests.


7. Content is King

After you have been active on Digg for over a month, you can consider subbing your first article. Don’t sub your own personal site. Make sure you choose something that is worthy of a Digg. If you have been digging articles, you should have a good feel for what works on Digg and what doesn’t. The most popular submissions that land on the front page may even shock you at times, but get used to that, as the Digg community enjoys that part of the site most.

8. You Must Be First

If you sub an article to Digg, make sure you are first. Timing is absolutely everything on Digg. So watch for new articles, videos and creative content. Be very careful not to duplicate on Digg though. It’s a well known fact that the Digg dupe detector sucks, but the search rocks. So use it! Search for a few keywords to see if your article is already on digg. If you make it a habit of subbing duplicates, your time at Digg will be very short. The community will let you know, and Digg will drop the ban hammer on you and all the fun will end.

9. What To Do When Someone Friends You

When someone adds you as a friend first, remember to check to see what they sub, and check their stats. If the person does not stand up to scrutiny, just leave them as a fan and move on. You are not obligated to add every single person that adds you on Digg.

10. The Thrill Of The Front Page

Digg is like a game, the top users all submit quality content and not everything hits the front page, but when it does, it’s like winning the lottery. Once the content gets to the front page, the fun really begins. The hard work you put in pays off when it happens. Knowing that you helped get a story noticed, that you had a part in sharing it with the world, leaves you fulfilled. It’s the thrill of the front page that keeps people digging for more. So enjoy it!

Eventually if you have created some cool content, you may just find a friend willing to sub it for you. Don’t be pushy, never demand anything from your friends, but show off your cool content and maybe, just maybe, you will see your site on the front page of Digg. In the end it’s all about quality, find something unique and interesting to write about and Digg users will find it… I guarantee it!

I’ll see you on Digg. I’m BuzzEdition there too!