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Ashton Punks TMZ and Klout Wants Feedback, So…

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So I get this email from Klout stating clearly that Ashton Kutcher has punked TMZ and they wanted me to know. But they asked me for feedback, and my feedback is…

“Change the way you are sending out ads for Ashton and his YouTube/PopChip channel. Honestly if you are getting paid to share something with me, then disclose it. Don’t make me feel like you are doing me a favor by sharing the information with me. You were much more upfront during your Lonestar campaign. And if Ashton didn’t pay you, then why in the world did you spam me with an advertisement?”

And as far as feedback for Ashton…

“At least you didn’t slam the chip company in my face every two seconds like you did with the Hot Pocket ads/comedy sketches you did during your last paid campaign. And I must admit, as a huge TMZ fan, I did find it much more creative than prior comedy sketches/paid advertisements you have done in the past. But you better be nice to the TMZ guys, I adore  them.”

I do wish Ashton would go back to his original persona as part of the social media community. As it stands now, it truly seems all we get from him are ads. Sigh…

For those who want to watch the Pop Chip commercial (TMZ parody) that Ashton created…here you go -


4 Responses to “Ashton Punks TMZ and Klout Wants Feedback, So…”
  1. Megan Berry says:

    Thanks for the feedback, we actually were not paid to send this out. We thought it would be a cool heads-up to a new video (we are working with popchips on other things, but this was not part of a deal with them). We will definitely not send out something like this again. We do make serious changes to policy based on user feedback like this.

    -Megan Berry
    Marketing Manager, Klout

  2. Megan Berry says:

    I totally understand, we actually thought the video would be different than it was. We always appreciate honest feedback though. :)

    Marketing Manager, Klout

  3. @CtKscribe says:

    Susan, I’m glad you wrote this. I like this post because it expresses the frustration of the masses who at one time or another get hit with this kind of ‘duplicity’. I’m happy to see a Klout representative stopped by and apologized for the behavior.