Alyssa thumbnailThere is one celebrity on Twitter that outshines all the rest, and her name is Alyssa Milano. Spreading smiles and laughter and even tears with every tweet, she embraces individuals, not just the celebrity community. She truly is the heart of the Twitterverse.

A recent tweet by Alyssa announced her 37th birthday, and in classic Alyssa style, she wanted to help others. Her wish for her birthday was for people to have clean drinking water. Her Charity: Water Campaign had hopes to raise $25,000 to bring clean drinking water to 250 families in five communities.

Within 24 hours of the post, she had already raised over $25,000, with individual contributions ranging from $1 to $3700 dollars. Even Pete Cashmore, Jack Dorsey, Sarah Silverman and Nathan Fillion stepped in to help the cause. And you should also note that the first donation was from Alyssa herself to fund one well.


Watch the video below to learn more about this wonderful cause that allows another human being the opportunity to have clean water. Clean water is a basic necessity we take for granted but imagine if we all chipped in even one single dollar to help. We could exceed her birthday wish and truly work to change the world.

Everyone was willing to help Alyssa not only exceed her goal but crush it beyond her wildest dreams? Because of the overwhelming support of her friends and fans, she raised her goal to $50,000. Think about how many people will benefit from this.

@Alyssa_MilanoWith tears in my eyes and due to your overwhelming generosity and faith, I have raised my goal to $50,000 dollars. Thank you, for reminding me how good it feels to give and make a difference. I will never forget this Birthday. You have inspired me with your kindness and compassion.

By raising the goal, together we will provide clean water for 10 communities, 500 families and 2,500 people. Saying “thank you,” doesn’t seem to be enough, but just know, my gratitude is endless. – Alyssa Milano

And once again, everyone came through for her and she raised the goal one final time.


I’m overwhelmed and bubbling over with pride. Thanks to all of you, we have reached the $50,000 goal in less than a week. Why stop here? I’m raising our campaign goal to 75,000 dollars. I see this as an unexpected and unique opportunity to do something incredible. We have this moment to make a wide-scale difference.

Generations to come will be transformed by your generosity, compassion and kindness. You are saving lives and I am forever grateful.

We are giving clean water to the developing world one person at a time. By raising the goal, together we will provide life-giving water for 15 communities, 750 families and 3750 people.

If you missed the opportunity to give, or want to set up your own birthday wish for clean water, please check out the charity: water site and make a difference today.