NBC’s reality show “The Marriage Ref” has upped the ante. Created by Jerry Seinfeld himself, this is relationship advice….with a comedic twist.

Now the couple that is deemed the most right will compete for $25,000.00!

Hosted  by Tom Papa, this comedic panel of judges determines who’s right and who’s wrong in the silliest of marital squabbles.

Past guest hosts have included Kelly Ripa, Howie Mandel, Bette Middler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Silverman and Donald Trump. In past episodes. the judges have weighed in on everything from, “Is it right to keep a motorcycle in the living room?” to “Is it right for a wife to keep her late husband’s prosthetic leg on display?”

If you believe you have an ongoing disagreement and would like to have a panel of celebrity judges decide your fate (and possibly hand you a check for $25,000.00) send an email to sara@themarriageref.tv with the following information.

Please send us your email address so we can give you instructions on how to apply. Nothing else will be accepted or reviewed so make sure you only send us your email address.

Please include your contact info, photos and a paragraph about why you are the perfect couple for this show. Be sure to include a brief explanation about your arguments and tell us why you are RIGHT and your partner is WRONG!

(And let them know @BuzzEdition sent you!)

Some Sample arguments:

– A spouse who does play-by-play sports announcing while watching games at home

– A spouse who insists they keep plastic on the furniture

– A spouse who is very involved in his/her former fraternity/sorority

– A spouse who constantly quotes movies

– A spouse who is an absolutely terrible dancer

– A spouse with a silly phobia

– A spouse who wears too much jewelry, make-up, hair extensions, long fingernails, etc.

– A spouse with a ridiculous hobby

– A spouse who keeps their spouse on a special diet

– A spouse who wears a Snuggie around the house (or out of the house)

– A spouse who speaks with a fake accent

– A spouse in a cover band

– A spouse who is stuck in the 80s


Couples, don’t miss your chance to argue your case in front of the casting producers!


October 20th-23rd – 11am – 6pm ~ Salem Commons – Washington Square – Salem, MA, 01971


October 24th – 10am – 4pm ~ SoWa Open Market – 460 Harrison Ave. – Boston, MA, 02118