I must admit that I was really confused as to why Twitter stamped Dr. Ben Keeton‘s account as verified. After all Twitter has shut down the verification department, well except when Oprah Winfrey’s new network started their account or the Onion started a new sports network….. OK well maybe they have not shut it down, they’ve just hidden it from most, and it has morphed into a promoted account scenario.

Dr. Ben Keeton Offers Up Sexy Custom Prescriptions

But this one just confused me because it was a verified “character” of a new ABC television show called “Off The Map.” Not a real person, a character. I realize they were branding the fine Doctor, but still, it’s a character.

But I am a huge fan of any ABC dramatic series, and a huge television fan in general, especially when the oh so talented Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice) gets involved. And I did find myself tweeting my feelings of a weird vibe it gave me to chat with a TV character (aka a social media employee or  intern.) Chatting with an actor, actress or entertainer is one thing, but fake chatting with a fake person?

So I tweeted…

Off The Map Tweet

After my tweet, I was shocked to get a response from Dr. Ben Keeton with this attached personalized photo greeting. And I’m not going to lie, it made me smile.

Sexy Prescription From Dr. Ben Keeton

Not to mention that actor Martin Henderson is quite easy on the eyes.

Dr. Keeton - Off The Map

I also happened to catch him on “The View” and he even sent out a personal greeting to Sherri Shepherd after their enlightening discussion on McKiwis. It seems some are saying he will be ABC’s newest heartthrob, hence the McDreamy, McSteamy, and now McKiwi. You see, Ben hails from New Zealand, and they refer to New Zealanders as Kiwis.

Dr. Keeton - Off The Map - Sherri E Shepherd

So trust me, it may seem a little weird at first, but give this jungle doctor a chance and tweet him, and see if you get a personalized greeting that brings you a moment of happiness. Anyone that refers to me as sweetness is all right in my book.

And if you missed the first episode, by all means catch it on ABC.com tomorrow! Catch more videos with Martin Henderson behind the scenes at  The View.