lady-gagaA YouTube remake of Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” got the singer’s attention today as she sent it out to all her followers on facebook and twitter with one simple line of text: “Holy Shit”.

The video had only 713 views at the time of the tweet, which was done by 4 best friends that use the YouTube handle BINKproductionz. What started out as a random jam session in a car, led to disappointment as they realized they forgot to hit the record button. So they decided to redo the video at home.

You have to give them props for capturing most of the key elements of the video, although with a substantially lower budget than the GaGa creation.

LadyGaga Tweet

While I truly don’t think it’s any great masterpiece (and neither do the creators), you have to give them credit for getting the attention of GaGa herself who has always stated that she wants her fans to be themselves and not be afraid to share that with the world.