Beyonce thumbnailI must say I never knew so many people had created their own version of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. But as I searched through the countless videos on Youtube, I found a more interesting type of “Single Ladies” epidemic…the Single Lady fails! Those Youtubers know how to draw the audiences in with their funny versions and their bloopers.

The more videos I watched, the crazier they got, but the ones below are the ones I still thought were funny after watching nearly every single attempt to recreate this song.

So here today I present you with the Top 12 finds among these dancing Youtubers that will make you laugh, in some instances cry and in others cringe. But in the end you will have a smile on your face.

Smilebox Photo Greetings

You are Going To Laugh So Hard (Don’t feel guilty!)

Words can’t describe this. Love the costume.

Single Ladies Triple Fail

What was Joe Jonas Thinking?


Bozo Beyonce. Is there something I should know about these clown masks?

Medieval Times Single Ladies?

This is not the dancing baby you remember…

The Married Ladies Version

Single Ladies Goth Version

The Dan Band is actually pretty good at this.

And finally the baby we all know and love…

Smilebox Photo Greetings