Skee.TV takes you behind the scene of the hit series Funny Or Die for their latest installment titled “Big Tweet” starring Brandon T. Jackson & Sydney Poitier and a cameo from DJ Skee.

BIG TWEET’s power on Twitter has become a threat to celebrities, advertising agencies, network television & Twitter’s main competitor FACEBOOK. Online followers are the new currency. And BIG TWEET has them all. A billion. Whatever he says is heard. By millions. And his unmatched Internet influence has now made him (and his main girl) the number one target of the corporate underworld and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. BIG TWEET and his girl are about to be DELETED! Ordered by an underground secret corporate society, a group of Mexican gangsters have been hired to kidnap BIG TWEET and his girl. Their mission is simple. They must delete them both.

See the finished video and theĀ full story from Producer/Director Tanya Ryno here!