l_41193761a3ed464ca880e6238fef6d4dI am honored to be working with the oh so talented Mary Sarah, an amazing young singer and songwriter who lives in Houston, Texas.

She started her career a few short years ago as a KidzBop Kid. She toured on a 40-city, KidzBop World Tour where she was a featured soloist and ensemble performer.

She began singing at the age of eight, performing at various regional events and church venues. At 14, her credits include live performances on the KidzBop World Tour, Fort Bend Theatre, Houston’s Best New Talent, local and regional Opry’s, fundraising events and independent film and video projects.

She is an energetic young lady with a passion for life, family and performing—regardless of the audience. Her wit and humor are contagious and she  enjoys travel, meeting new people and aspires to be a positive role model for the next generation.

She actively supports Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation because she knows first hand how diabetes affects children and their families.

When asked at age ten what her goals were, Mary Sarah responded  “I want to be a voice for those who don’t have one.” She looks forward to achieving her goals of having her own television show, writing and performing her own music, designing her own clothing line and providing shelter and hope for the homeless population.

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Currently Mary Sarah has completed a full-length album, is meeting with Atlantic Records this week and has been called back for an audition in the remake of the movie True Grit.

Enjoy this video of Mary Sarah performing a song given to her by Taylor Swift to record.