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Enjoy the Bluesy Sound of Johnny Stewart Trio FREE!

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During this holiday season, twitter musicians have united to bring you free music. No strings attached. So enjoy a short interview with these great indie musicians, and then download to your heart’s content!

Meet The The Johnny Stewart Trio!

Johnny Stewart is the creative force behind this trio and has fused the soul of blues and the attitude of rock with the infectiousness of pop to create something fresh and exciting. When you combine his powerful voice and silky guitar skills with the seasoned rhythm section of drummer Kevin Lawlor and bassist Steve Tierney you get an energetic live show that captivates the hearts, the minds and the ears of anyone who listens.

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Holiday Gift To Our Fans -

I think the whole point of Christmas is giving, so it would be my pleasure to present to you with something that I have handcrafted from my own life that might help you in yours.

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Things you did not know about Johnny Stewart!

1. Name your favorite reindeer and why?

Blitzen. The name sounds cooler that the rest.

2. What is you favorite Christmas Song?

John Lennon – Merry Christmas (War is Over)

3.  Name the top 5 things on your Christmas wish list?

Peace on earth, No more “Recession”, Become friends with John Mayer, World recognition for my music and a Cherry Red Gibson ES-335. That should do it.

4. Where can we find your tour dates?

5. Where can we buy more of your music? AND

6.  What artist are you compared to?

John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison.

7. What genre does your music fall into?

Blues, rock , pop & funk.

8. Who inspired you to be a musician?

My Dad.

9. Name your best moments in 2010.

When my now drummer randomly emails me after seeing me play “Bold As Love” in a talent competition to ask if I want to form a trio with himself and a great bassist he works with. Eh, Yeah! The rest is, as they say, geography.

10. What do you look forward to the most in 2011?

New opportunities for me and my music.

11. What do you want us to know about you?

All I want to do is make people feel something with my music.

12.  Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list?

I’m gonna say nice. Just because Santa might get his information from this blog.

Fave Nice Moments #1: Helped that old lady cross the street.

Fave Naughty Moments #1: She then robbed a bank.

Fave Nice Moments #2: Then making a citizens arrest on the old lady

Fave Naughty Moment #2: Lying about the previous 3 statements.


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  1. JOE WALTER says:

    the johnny stewart trio is AWESOME


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