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Meet Brett Randell!

With lyrics that weave stories and muse over feelings many seem to take for granted, Brett Randell is a musician on a mission to connect the world. The 23-year-old New Yorker, currently living in Austin, TX, croons with a clear and powerful voice which is bringing emotion and energy to the singer/songwriter genre. His style, which he calls “Epic Acoustic Poetry,” places emphasis on intense lyrics, catchy melodies, and emotional stories.

Despite being surrounded by music his entire life, Brett only recently realized his passion for performing and songwriting. Though both his sister and brother performed in bands throughout their teenage years, Brett shied away from any musical pursuits and stuck to his passion for drawing and writing. It wasn’t until purchasing an acoustic guitar for his 20th birthday that he had even considered writing a full song.

Quickly putting pen to paper and fingers to fret, he unleashed the thoughts and feelings stored inside him for years. Within the first couple days of owning his guitar, he wrote the song that would be the ultimate goal for his musical endeavors, “Change The World.”

In 2008, barely nine months after picking up that guitar, Brett performed his music to a crowd of people from twenty-three countries in Milan, Italy. Later that year, in his second live performance, he opened for Pete Francis of the famous independent rock band, Dispatch.

In 2009, Brett abandoned plans for a stable career in New York City and packed his bags for Austin, Texas – and he hasn’t looked back since. Living and playing in the ‘Live Music Capital of The World’ has taught Brett much about music and performing. Collaborating with cellist Christopher Rains, pianist Wilyum Jerome, and drummer Music Read has added new dimensions to his music and words.

Now in 2010, almost three years after writing his first song, Brett is releasing his second CD – the five song EP “Glow” – and embarking on his second national tour from Austin to Boston along with his first European tour. In December, he will be traveling to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and France to spread his musical poetry across continents.

The CD “Glow” presents new creations, such as the Jazz/Pop single “Glow” and full-band remakes of his acoustic songs, “Change the World” and “The End. With worldwide release on iTunes and Amazon, and free downloads on his website www.BrettRandell.com, Brett is aiming to connect the world with his poetic songwriting. An exciting road lies ahead for the young artist…

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“Happy Holidays to all my family, friends and fans : ) Hope your years have been excellent and your new year will be even better. Enjoy some free holiday downloads on my Brett Randell Bandcamp page!”

FREE music downloads: Grab two songs “Glow” and “The End”

Things you did not know about Brett Randell!

1. Name your favorite reindeer and why?

I hope it’s not too cliche to say Rudolph – but I always like people/things that are different and stand out. It’s always good to be unique.

2. What is you favorite Christmas Song?

“You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” – can’t get enough Dr. Seuss.

3.  Name the top 5 things on your Christmas wish list?

New guitar strings – quality time with family and friends – enough guitar picks to last me a life time – a new pair of shoes – a bunch of good books.

4. Where can we find your tour dates?

My US & Europe (current) tour dates are at http://www.brettrandell.com/tour

5. Where can we buy more of your music?

Itunes! Or, on my website at http://www.BrettRandell.com

6.  What artist are you compared to?

I’m often told I’m like a mix of Citizen Cope and Jason Mraz.

7. What genre does your music fall into?

Singer/Songwriter or “Epic Acoustic Poetry”

8. Who inspired you to be a musician?

Citizen Cope – specifically the song “Salvation.”

9. Name your best moments in 2010.

Traveling the country to play music and meet amazing people from different backgrounds.

Living off of just music for the first time (tough but liberating).

Really understanding how amazing CouchSurfing.org is : )

10. What do you look forward to the most in 2011?

Relaxing for a bit and then playing tons more music! Hopefully finishing up a new EP/CD in the spring and touring the US/Europe again.

11. What do you want us to know about you?

If asked whether I could be invisible or fly, I would answer “fly”.

12.  Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list?

I hope I’m on the nice list : ) I suppose if I got a lump of coal, I’d figure out how to turn it into an instrument.