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Meet Dion Roy!

Dion Roy is an emerging singer-songwriter known for fusing his bass-inspired roots with his knack for writing an unforgettable pop/rock hook.

Born in Namibia, raised in South Africa, and later in New Jersey, Dion is now a true New Yorker. He has lived and breathed the downtown Lower East Side music landscape for the past 10 years, first playing as a bassist in several bands, and recently emerging as a solo artist. Dion has graced the stage at all of the usual NYC suspects, including The Bitter End, The Red Lion, Pianos and Kenny’s Castaways. He’s also opened for high-profile acts like Eve 6, The Donnas, Bleu, and Ben Kweller, while touring throughout the North-Eastern College circuit.

After years of flowing from one creative project to the next and keeping his collaborations and personal productions low key, this introspective and enigmatic musician has moved on from group bassist and fellow songwriter, to solo vocalist and front man. His debut album “Gallery” was released in 2009 and his follow up EP “The Nearest Light” was released in June 2010.

Today, Dion’s original music is a surprising combination of catchy pop hooks with brooding, raw emotionality. His songs draw upon personal experiences but speak to a greater audience about conflicting perspectives and desires. What distinguishes this young artist from others is his genuine lack of pretense and his guarded nature. He rarely reveals the back-stories to his songs, encouraging his fans to find their own connection to the words.

WDHA 105.5 DJ Lindsay Klein gushes that Roy has “raw and natural talent…with amazing energy pouring into his lyrics and music”. Ed Jupp, music blogger at 17 seconds, calls Dion Roy’s debut “something special, routed in its’ wonderful simplicity…A man who could make us believe in the notion of the singer-songwriter again!”

Dion Roy’s blend of genres has drawn comparisons to other singer/songwriters like Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, and Damien Rice, and electronic bands such as Keane, Postal Service, and Snow Patrol.

Dion’s recent EP “The Nearest Light”, co-produced by Scott Reibling who is known for his work with Weezer and Cobra Starship, reached #8 on the iTunes singer-songwriter album charts. Songs from both the EP as well as Dion’s debut album have been licensed for use on network TV including placements on MTV, E!, Oxygen, and Comedy Central.

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Things you did not know about Dion Roy!

1. Name your favorite reindeer and why?

Rudolph, he’s the most famous reindeer of all. And he’s easy to find. I lose things a lot.

2. What is you favorite Christmas Song?

The Channukah Song by Adam Sandler, and Sleigh Ride. I like the more “fun” holiday songs for sure.

3.  Name the top 5 things on your Christmas wish list?

Well, I’m Jewish so Hannukah Harry has already been to visit this year! But a couple things at the top of my list were the iPad, a Zoom HD recorder for working on my new music, A flight to Greece, a new iPod, and always on my list: tacos.

4. Where can we find your tour dates?

Our tour dates are at www.dionroy.com/shows

5. Where can we buy more of your music?

Itunes or dionroy.com

6.  What artist are you compared to?

Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, Ben Gibbard, Death Cab for Cutie, Smashing Pumpkins come up quite a bit.

7. What genre does your music fall into?

Singer/Songwriter, Pop/Rock, a bit of Eclectic thrown in there too… I’m sure.

8. Who inspired you to be a musician?

It was just something that became obvious to me around 8th or 9th grade. I just connected with music and it’s always been present in my life. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I didn’t have it. When I recorded “The Nearest Light” that became all the more obvious to me. I love the whole process. The idea, the recording, the re-wrtiing, the harmonies, the percussion – it’s like being in a candy store to me. Or as my fans know – a Taco Restaurant.

9. Name your best moments in 2010.

Releasing The Nearest Light album, touring in Singapore, going on tour with Josiah Leming & Tyler Hilton… the show in Winona, Minnesota was amazing, hundreds of people all dancing to “The Wave”… That was an amazing feeling. I love it when I connect with people, and they sing back at me at the top of their lungs. Amazing.

10. What do you look forward to the most in 2011?

Getting back into the studio. I’m writing like crazy right now. Hoping to get out to LA in late January to work on the next album for you guys! You guys can also expect a lot more “Dion Roy” on TV.

11. What do you want us to know about you?

That I Love all of you, and appreciate all of you. Truly.

And … December 23rd & 24th! Send dionroymusic@amp3pr.com the email addy of a friend, & we’ll send them a free copy of “The Nearest Light” Album for Xmas from you!

12.  Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list?

Well, given that I was on tour for a lot of this year, you tend to get into a little bit a trouble when couped up in a bus with 8 other guys. So I’d say I’ve probably been naughty. Unfortunately I’ve signed a really secretive Non-Disclosure agreement with my tourmates, j/k, kinda.

There were some nice moments so far this year too, like the many times I’ve been baked home made cookies, brownies, Pizza, and even a Guitar shaped Donut! There are a lot of great souls out there, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of them in my travels across this country, and Singapore :)