Facebook Executive

The comedy drama “The Social Network” (also known as the Facebook movie) slated for 2010 features Director  David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, Zodiac, Panic Room, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and more) and a talented cast including Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland, Zombieland, and more) and Justin Timberlake.

Our own Álvaro Kapaz (musician) of Project Kpaz landed a role as an extra on the set of the social media inspired comedy and we have the minute by minute accounting of his experience on the set.

The Social Network

Photo Source: Álvaro Kapaz

ProjectKpazWe got there at 4PM, and were checking in and going through wardrobe for the first hour or so…also, they have snacks/grilled sandwiches/burgers and they tell you to eat because this is the NDB (non-deductible-breakfast), and your next meal break will be only 6 hours later. It was curious to me that they consider the “day” to start when the shooting starts, no matter what time in the “real day” it is. So we arrived at 4PM and everyone was telling us “good morning, go get your breakfast, this will be a long day”, very odd!

We left from Base Camp to the Set around 5:15PM. The Set was the bar “The Thirsty Scholar”, which was rented out for the shoot, and which had already been filled with all kinds of production stuff. When we got there, all the extras (we were about 40 people) were lined up against a wall, and then divided into small groups that would be put in the scene together. I was left out, later to find out that was actually great! The groups were put in specific tables and corners of the bar, to create a “happy-hour” mood. The ones left, which were me and 3 other guys, were placed standing up in the middle of the bar, and told to be “checking out the place” and “scoping for chicks”. Well, turns out I was eventually placed right in FRONT OF THE CAMERA, behind the lead actor and actress, of course.

They gave us non-alcoholic beer and real (but very dry/cold/old) bar food, so we could pretend to be eating/drinking. Except me and Chris, the extra who was supposed to be my “bar friend”, had to keep drinking everything, since we were right in front of the camera…let me tell you, after about 30 takes, I couldn’t smell that crappy beer anymore! And there were also shots being brought by the “waitresses”, and I still can’t identify exactly what they were (and I had to drink at least 40 of those!!). Well, six hours later, my knees and my back were hurting, I was tired and hungry…and luckily it was “lunch” break. We were taken back to Base Camp and treated what I thought was really good food, steak, salad, sauteed potatoes, everything fresh and nice. We then came back to the set and did the same scene again from a different camera angle, which took about another 4 hours, getting me back home around 5AM.

The next day was way more relaxed, at least for me. We were still doing the same scene from another couple of different camera angles, but this time I wasn’t even in the shot, so I pretty much was not needed. I later was placed somewhere else, but just had to stand there and fake conversation for a while. An interesting thing is, since they re-place all the ambient audio later in post-production, we all had to be mimicking real speech, but making no real sound. That was a very weird thing for me, to have to react to someone when you don’t really know what they’re trying to say, having to “fake laugh” and toast, very strange.

As far as production goes, I was incredibly impressed with how intense and GRAND the level of production is for a movie, even if it’s not a huge blockbuster feature. So many people, trucks, equipment, cables, food, drink, make-up, wardrobe, Directors, Assistant Directors (AD’s) 1, 2, 3, lighting, sound, all to create a 6 minute scene. The scene, by the way, is going to be the first scene in the movie, when the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerman (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is dumped by his girlfriend after a short talk about random stuff, and storms out of the bar.