Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron,  and the cast of Avatar

Avatar, with all of the good and bad reviews, remains the film to see for a breath-taking journey into another world. With numerous nominations piling up, a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for James Cameron, and the phenomenal box office dollars rolling in, this movie seems to have captured audiences world-wide with it’s amazing special effects.

At the L.A. Premiere, Zoe Saldana discusses the amazing talent of James Cameron, and how proud she is of this film. She even reveals the research “party that James hosted in Hawaii which had the cast running around nearly naked so they could truly feel the freedom of running around in a rainforest setting. Zoe describes this as a bit nervous at first, but highly liberating.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe also witnessed the moment that Steven Spielberg praised James Cameron for his amazing work on “Avatar.”

Michelle Rodriguez also chimes in saying James Cameron “knows how to tell a good story.” She states that technology aside, this is the kind of movie you will definitely want to see this movie twice so you can catch everything you missed!

Michelle Rodriguez

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