In case you haven’t heard, Jon Stewart is fed up and he’s not going to take it anymore. He has started a movement with his “Rally For Sanity” to be held in Washington DC on October 30th. This is the anti-tea party rally, the anti-everything rally. This rally is for the busy people who are tired of the endless wave of fear pushed in front of us daily. This is the “Take it down a notch, America” rally for the sane among us.

Even Obama seems to be behind his message of peace, hope and sanity as seen in the video below.

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His push for sanity has been felt in the creative world as well, as designers and artists express their Jon Stewart inspired sanity with epic rally t-shirts, bumper stickers and caps.

Rally To Restore Sanity T-Shirt shirt
Rally To Restore Sanity T-Shirt by iconophile
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I Disagree With You, But... shirt
I Disagree With You, But… by thinkytees
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Restore Sannity - 10.30.10 shirt
Restore Sannity – 10.30.10 by Megatudes
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And for those who want to “Keep Fear Alive” on the Colbert side of the rally…there’s a t-shirt for that too!