tiger oprahWhen I wrote the Tiger Woods Best and Worst Jokes blog, I had already anticipated that Oprah Winfrey would soon be having Tiger on her show. It’s a natural progression: become famous, screw up, and then go on Oprah to cry and redeem yourself.

My thoughts were verified by The Insider when they put out a simple statement that Oprah’s staff had made contact. No word yet on if Tiger has accepted, but mark my word it will happen.

But will it change anything? Probably not for the public. The jokes will go on for quite awhile until some other celebrity gets exposed for something they are probably doing right now. His wife will be a lot richer and a few mistresses will be too. The media will get more attention from reporting headlines about 911 calls due to sick mother-in-laws being transported to the hospital for stomach pains. However Tiger will still be a top golfer, and will still be marketable, though his powers of negotiation will be greatly reduced.

Before the car crash that rocked his world, he was above reproach and could demand top fees. Now, he may have to give up a nice chunk for advertisers to overlook the three six nine ten twelve (but who’s counting) mistress scandal.

tiger gillette

Many news agencies made you believe that Tiger’s Gatorade drink Focus was dropped because of the recent scandal, however, truth be told, Pepsico dropped it from their product line on November 9, 2009, prior to the car accident. So unless they were psychic, it’s pretty safe to assume this had nothing to do with current events.

Advertisers may be pulling a few ads until this dies down a bit, but overall Tiger will still be pimping products for years to come. So we say to Gillette, don’t be too hard on Tiger, he was just trying to live up to “The Best A Man Can Get” slogan. And Nike, well you have all along preached to us to “Just Do It” (maybe “Just Don’t Do It” should be Tiger’s new motto).

A fun interview with Dennis Rodman (NBA’s badboy) says this is just part of the process. You get famous and it happens. People expect it from celebrities. Although he does note that people are more excited about what has happened with Tiger because he was so pristine, so perfect. Dennis even predicts that Lebron James will be the next celeb to fall, it’s only a matter of time before the pedestal we put celebrities on crumbles and the truth is revealed.

We do get a rush from a celebrity fall from grace. It definitely brings out the worst in us to feel good about someone’s self-destruction. Sad really, but true. But while we wait for Tiger Woods to shed a few tears on the Oprah Winfrey show, enjoy watching a few other celebrities cry in this fun video.