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Warning – Pinterest Best Buy Spam Spreading Quickly

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While enjoying my daily Pinterest addiction, I was shocked to see one of my own repins ¬†show up on Pinterest as a Best Buy giveaway. I quickly rushed to delete it, but the repin and edit buttons were nowhere to be found! I then tried to report the original pinner, who coincidentally I wasn’t even […]

MadTV Predicted The iPad Years Ago [Spoof]

January 28, 2010 by  
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ipad_hero4_20100127 2

The world was abuzz over the expected announcement of Apples new tablet device. Steve Jobs, Apples chief executive, revealed the third category device, which is somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. While no one was surprised by the product, the name has brought some giggles from critics. It turns out the defunct sketch show […]

Like Totally Awesome Review Of The iPad

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No that’s not valley girl speak, “Like Totally Awesome” is a show by youtuber Philip DeFranco who tells it like it is in a quick and entertaining way. So if you want to get all the details on the Apple iPad in a fun 4 minute video, this is for you. On a sidenote NBC […]