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Need A Sexy Tweet? Try Chatting With @DrBenKeeton #KeetonCures

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But this one just confused me because it was a verified character of a new ABC television show called “Off The Map.” I am a huge fan of any ABC dramatic series, and a huge television fan in general, especially when the oh so talented Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice) gets involved. But I did find myself tweeting my feelings of a weird vibe it gave me to chat with a TV character (aka a social media employee or intern.) Chatting with an actor, actress or entertainer is one thing, but fake chatting with a fake person?

Win $25,000 For Being Right!

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NBC’s reality show “The Marriage Ref” has upped the ante. Created by Jerry Seinfeld himself, this is relationship advice….with a comedic twist. Now the couple that is deemed the most right will compete for $25,000.00! Hosted  by Tom Papa, this comedic panel of judges determines who’s right and who’s wrong in the silliest of marital squabbles. Past […]

Grilled Cheesus: Let Us Pray

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The Grilled Cheesus shirt

After Finn’s revelation that wishing on a grilled cheese sandwich (with an image of Jesus burned into the bread) gave him the power to make all his dreams come true, Gleeks everywhere were praying to the “grilled cheesus.” The Grilled Cheesus by BuzzEdition See other Grilled T-Shirts The Grilled Cheesus by BuzzEdition View more Grilled […]

Interview: Mark Gantt – How To Create Your Own Career

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A quick check of Mark Gantt’s website or his IMDB page reveals he had a career, just not the one he had mapped out for himself. “I had my foot in the door and people were at the party saying ‘Hey come on in,’ but I was like ‘no, I gotta be an actor.’” He seemed to be gaining ground on a career path many would cherish, but even after appearing in a Sundance Short, and knowing the industry pros, his agent still had no faith Mark would actually getting auditions. Luckily Mark doesn’t acknowledge the word no.

You Might Be #RomanticallyChallenged If …

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Unless you have been living in a cave, (which of course would make you extremely romantically challenged) you should know that the wonderful Alyssa Milano is finally coming back to network television in a new sitcom. The show, “Romantically Challenged” premieres Monday, April 19th at 9:30 EST immediately following the hit show “Dancing With The […]

Lost: The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

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With Season 6 fast approaching, this video explores the answers you have been looking for all along. LOST – Answers?! (Song parody) LYRICS: When LOST first started there were all of these mysteries and we hoped it would, end well With one season left we are starting to lose faith but only time, will tell […]

Howard Stern Warns Conan about Jay Leno Years Ago [Video]

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Howard Stern warns Conan about Jay Leno and The Tonight Show fiasco three years before it went down – Dec. 14, 2006 Photo Source: ChicagoNow

Conan O’Brien: Tonight Show Montage [Video]

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The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien Finale – Conan O’Brien shows off a video montage – Aired: Jan 22, 2010 Photo Source: StereoGum

Amazing Sand Art Created For “Ghost Whisperer”

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Take a look at the incredible sand art created specially for the Ghost Whisperer by artist Joe Castillo.

The Two Best American Idol Clips So Far

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american idol Kara

When you audition for American Idol, it’s a good idea to be…nice. Kara DioGuardi and Posh do not like unemployed musician, Andrew Fenlon, and Simon seems to be enjoying every minute of it. And you can’t help but laugh with Larry Platt over his new hit song “Pants On The Ground”.

Behind The Scenes With @Alyssa_Milano On The Set Of Castle

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Alyssa Milano On Set Of Castle

The wait is over for the Castle episode featuring Alyssa Milano and ABC was kind enough to show us a few behind the scenes moments. The funniest parts being a cute clip of Alyssa describing Nathan Fillion as a Diva as well as the moment when Nathan says he was trying to class up the […]

Alyssa Milano Guest Stars On TV Show “Castle” [Video]

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Alyysa Milano and Nathan Fillion

The excitement builds for January 11th, 2009 as Alyssa Milano makes her much-anticipated guest appearance on the ABC series “Castle” opposite Nathan Fillion. The episode titled “A Rose For Everafter” features Alyssa Milano starring as Kyra, “the one that got away.” When Castle and Beckett are called to a wedding to investigate the death of […]

“House M.D.” Season Six Los Angeles Premiere

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Hugh Laurie Returns in Season 6 of "House"

Everyone’s favorite doctor is back with season six of the Fox series “House M.D.” starring the incomparable Hugh Laurie. The new season begins where the Season 5 left off, in a psychiatric facility. The entire episode revolves around House and his interactions with the patients of Ward 6. From day one he is trying to […]