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Donate $10 To Help Rebuild Haiti And Get Free Music!

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New partnership between Causecast and Linkin Park’s “Music For Relief is so timely. Most people can give up a few coffees and donate a quick ten dollars, but this way, not only does Haiti get the funds it needs, those donating receive the gift of free music from musicians they know and love. It’s a win-win!

Crowd Helps Out Little Girl Singing National Anthem

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When a 9 year old experiences technical difficulties while singing the national anthem at a hockey game, the crowd chimes in to help her finish. United we sing -a beautiful and inspiring moment of American spirit.

It Gets Better (If You Stick Around For It) #ItGetsBetter

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A beautiful viral movement has started: It Gets Better. It all began because of one man’s outrage over the senseless suicides of young gay teens who ended their lives because of bullying. But for me,  it’s more than that. We lose our children every day to suicide. For whatever reason they feel they have no […]

Inspiring Armless Piano Player Wows Crowd

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During an America’s Got Talent Style competition in China, Liu Wei performs an inspiring piece on the piano. Normally this would not be an astonishing performance, but consider that Liu lots his arms during an electrical accident at the age of 10 and began learning the piano at 19, it becomes an inspiring moment in time that […]

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy [Photos]

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Dogs have always been man’s best friend, which explains why the internet sites love them so much. Wait…that’s kittens! We have full websites dedicated to cats and their antics, but not as much appreciation is shown for our incredible love of dogs. So I dug through hundreds of dog photos to find the most inspiring […]

Visions Of Solitude – Photographs Of Quiet Moments

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With all the manic days and busy nights we endure, sometimes we just need a moment to relax…to think…and to breathe. These photos helped to get me to that place. Take a few moments to  experience a beautiful moment of solitude, peace and reflect on the calmer moments of your life. Namaste… All photos are […]

Canon Boy Meets Nikon Girl, A Parody Is Born

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The Photo Club is a group created by photographer Joey L and his assistant Willem Isbrucker. They created a parody video showing what could happen if a Canon boy met a Nikon girl, and of course the hilarity ensues. One of the funniest parts of the video is when they toss out the last lyric: […]

What Are You Thankful For?

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching in the United States, but thanks to the internet, we live in a social media world that is not defined by borders. There are no limits to the people we come in contact with and the different cultures they each represent. So, as I was deciding to write this article, I […]

Alyssa Milano: A Birthday Wish For Clean Water

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There is one celebrity on Twitter that outshines all the rest, and her name is Alyssa Milano. Spreading smiles and laughter and even tears with every tweet, she embraces individuals, not just the celebrity community. She truly is the heart of the Twitterverse. A recent tweet by Alyssa announced her 37th birthday, and in classic […]

The Beauty Of Dance Explored In Photos

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Dance is one of life’s true joys. It’s an expression of one’s self. It explores not only the ability of the human spirit to react to music, but also the beauty of the human body as it molds to the sound and environment. Over the last few years, dance has evolved into a more mainstream […]

Stunning Black and White Photos (With A Touch Of Color)

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black and white strawberry

There is truly nothing more stunning than a black and white photo. To be able to inspire with a simple, yet classic image consisting of such a basic color palette is something many strive to achieve. An interesting variance of black and white photos, is when the photographer seeks to embrace the photo and warm […]

The Incredibly Stunning Art of Andrew van der Merwe

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Sand art thumb

Andrew van der Merwe is an incredible calligrapher, artist and photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. He has enjoyed writing and lettering since childhood, but started freelancing about 20 years ago. He developed his beach calligraphy technique and photographs his work to capture the quickly eroding art, which normally only survives an hour after creation. […]