thankfulThanksgiving is fast approaching in the United States, but thanks to the internet, we live in a social media world that is not defined by borders. There are no limits to the people we come in contact with and the different cultures they each represent.

So, as I was deciding to write this article, I wanted to get a diverse group of people to answer the simple, yet powerful question: “What are you thankful for?” I apologize for the length, but I guarantee you that reading through these inspiring messages from people around the world is well worth your time.

When I asked the question, no background was given, only the question. I chose random people from different backgrounds to include in this article to show that while we are all unique, we are all very much the same.

If you are not celebrating Thanksgiving this week, please at least take a few moments to appreciate and cherish what means most to you, and celebrate what you are thankful for in life.

What Are You Thankful For?

@TrendyDc @TrendyDC from Washington, DC

“Just returned from Peru helping out orphan boys & grateful to be blessed with a family, job, food, comfortable shelter and healthcare.”

@Alyssa_Milano@Alyssa_Milano from Los Angeles, California

“This year, I’m thankful for my husband, who every day inspires me to be a better woman.”

StacyShelton@StaciJShelton from Cleveland, Ohio

“I’m so very thankful for love, family, friendship and the power of connection. Pure love for people changes lives.”

@richard@Minervity from Stockholm, Sweden

” I am thankful for my wonderful & beautiful daughter. Thankful for all the creative inspiration my friends share and project. I am thankful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made this year.”

@BenParr@BenParr from San Francisco, California

“I’m thankful that our society has love and friendship, for they are the most fulfilling part of our lives.”

@SusanLorelei1@SusanLorelei from Pittsburgh, PA

“I suffered a horrible loss this year & am truly thankful for people God has brought into my life to provide cheer & strength.”

@garyvee@GaryVee from New York City, NY

“Easy answer: The health of my loved ones!”

@ChrisTuff@ChrisTuff from Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m thankful for my friends and family who make me fired up to wake up every morning and excited for the next day.”

@PrayForAidan@PrayForAidan from Concord, North Carolina

“My oldest son surviving and thriving…”

@ItStartsWithUs@ItStartsWithUs from Milwaukee, WI

“I’m thankful for the surprising number of people who are willing to give of themselves to help others, with no expectation of reward.”

@ButtercupD@ButtercupD from Los Angeles, California

“Thankful for my family, friends and relatively good health!”

@fjfonseca@fjfonseca from Barcelona, Spain

“For life, the biggest gift of all, with its good and bad things, ups and downs I am thankful for life itself.”

@ShellyKramer@ShellyKramer from Kansas City, Missouri

“I am thankful that my family is well & healthy, for the great friends I have, for a roof over my head, food on my table, family in my arms & love in my heart.”

@msaleem@Msaleem from Chicago, Illinois

“What am I thankful for… a lot of things, my health, friends, great jobs and colleagues, what’s not to be thankful for?”

@ClementYeung1@ClementYeung from North-East UK

“I am grateful for love, for without it our actions would hold no meaning. I am grateful for my life, for without it I would not be here to experience that love.”

@adamsconsulting@AdamsConsulting from Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m thankful for my son,my Twitter friends & that I’m able to help others during this season. It’s a blessing to be a blessing.”

@toad_mario@Toad_Mario from Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m thankful for my family, my dog named Sunny and my Nintendo DS.”

@BelindaAng@BelindaAng from Singapore

“I am thankful for…. waking each day to see the sun, blue skies, white clouds and knowing that I am loved.”

@Zee@Zee from London, UK

“For meeting the most wonderful person in the world and getting to spend the rest of my days with her.”

@chrisbrogan@ChrisBrogan from Boston, MA

“Thankful for a supportive family who knows there’s a method to my madness.”

@RayBeckerman@RayBeckerman from New York, NY

“I’m thankful for the privilege of being part of a social media revolution which makes it much easier for all people to be citizen journalists.”

@MarySarahMusic@MarySarahMusic from Texas, USA

“I am SO thankful for life! I have the greatest, most supportive parents ever! And mostly just for the life I get to lead and hopefully can help others in return.”

@jaycbee@Jaycbee from Atlanta, Georgia

“I am thankful for the many blessings I have received in life. For my family and friends, old and new, near and far. thankful for my Faith.”

@soulboykirk@soulboykirk from Nova Scotia, Canada

“Thankful to be gifted in different disciplines; for great music, the arts in general; for the net/Twitter/FB giving me helpful global friends.”

@absolutelytrue@AbsolutelyTrue from South Carolina

“I’m thankful for those who truly care about me and carry me in their hearts.”

@milagro88@Milagro88 from Vietnam

“I’m thankful for my amazing family, our health, freedom from financial worry, intelligence, spirituality & peace at home and for friendships!”

@Ruth_Z@Ruth_Z from Tel Aviv, Israel

“I’m grateful that I have a job that causes me to create something new every day and to be the wheel that drives the wheel.”

@Iconic88@Iconic88 from Sydney, Australia

“I am thankful for my family, friends, culture and every experience I’ve had in my life to share the lessons with others.”

@ModelSupplies@ModelSupplies from Detroit, MI

“So grateful for the chance to connect with all of my Twitter & FB follow-friends whose love and support shows in each and every character!”

@AdNys@AdNys from Los Angeles, CA

“Thankful for: Family (2 young sons). Life (love). Love (purity). Wilderness (keeps humans sane). Journalism (long live the 4th estate).”

@Lotay@Lotay from Los Angeles, California

“I’m most thankful for God.”

@heykim@HeyKim from USA

“I am thankful for family… friends and NBA basketball.”

@OSTRICK@Ostrick from Los Angeles, California

“I am thankful for my health, loving family and sharing stories and ideas.”

@stefaniewood@StefanieWood from Bristol, UK

“I’m thankful for my friends and family, my job and car, and generally the quality of my life.”

@cheth@Cheth from Manipal, Bangalore, India

“Thankful to all the people who didn’t help me, so that I could learn it myself. Thankful to all those people who criticized me! And to all who supported me.”

@TrendTracker@TrendTracker from New Jersey, USA

“I’m thankful for my family and friends – and for the freedoms and blessings I enjoy from so many who have sacrificed so much.”

@jeffrago1@JeffRago from Studio City, California

“I am thankful for the people in my life and the experiences that bring us together.”

@delwilliams@DelWilliams from Los Angeles, California

“I’m thankful for the friends I have made on Twitter, and the opportunities this platform has brought me.”

@KrystynChong@KrystynChong from California, USA

“I’m thankful for my health. Hard to enjoy anything when your body isn’t functioning as usual.”

@chiniehdiaz@ChiniehDiaz from Manila, Philippines

“I’m thankful for my awesome family & my sense of humor. Life can never get you down when you have those.”

@Happysoul@HappySoul from London, UK and Asia

“I’m thankful for my blessed family & friends, my life & love experiences & choices, bad & good, that have made who I am today”

@Daniel_Barta@Daniel_Barta from Örményes, Hungary

“I am thankful for this wonderful world and for this wonderful life to God. And things like having wonderful friends is amazing.”

@adventuregirl@AdventureGirl from LosAngeles, California

“I am thankful for Twitter. Without it, we would not be able to help change the world along with those less fortunate who hopefully now will have a voice.”

@KyNamDoan@KyNamDoan from San Francisco, California

“I’m thankful for family, good luck, and San Francisco.”

@IgorBuhovec@IgorBuhovec from Riga, Latvia

“I’m thankful that… I didn’t spend a minute in fear. It’s about wars and terror. I live in quiet EU country and that’s great.”

@ColourOfAir@ColourOfAir from Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“I am thankful for the gift of life, my wife, music, art, friends, being healthy. God bless!”

@WTFJAY@WTFJAY from Toronto, Canada

“I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my family.The last few years have been difficult, and they have helped me through it.”

@cupcakes5@Cupcakes5 from Pittsburgh, PA

“I am thankful for freedom and all that entails.”

@virtuosoblogger@Virtuosoblogger from India

“I am thankful for all the love and support shown by my friends and family.”

@binoyxj@binoyxj from Bangalore, India

“I am thankful for friends..the ones i manage to keep up with….both online and offline.”

@jmdc881@jmdc88 from Washington, DC

“Thankful to wake up each day to have a chance to do whatever I can to make the world a better place. Being alive, and being loved by family & friends.”

@phaoloo@phaoloo from Taipie, Taiwan

“I am thankful for living on this earth.”

@Dublins98Dave@Dublins98Dave from Dublin, Ireland

“I’m thankful for finding my best friend Tracy, marrying her and starting a family. She makes my life utterly amazing.”

@projectkpaz@ProjectKpaz from Boston, MA and Brazil

“I am thankful for having found relatively early in my life what it is that I really can’t live without, music.”

@LarisaBelliveau@LarisaBelliveau from Rochester, NY

“I am thankful for my “learning experiences” because they polish my soul.”

@BerniePiekarski@BerniePiekarski from Orlando, Florida

“To be alive. Had heart attack & triple bypass 4/6/09 Health is good today. For my family & friends. Without them I really have nothing else.”

@blogomomma@Blogomomma from Chicago, Illinois

“God’s intercession of grace. Thru my good, bad, and ugly – epic failures,biggest regrets,worst heartbreaks-He NEVER left me!”

@sloane@Sloane from New Orleans. Louisiana

“Thankful for trusting in myself, willingness to open my heart to friends, faith and love of my family and ability to give back to others.”

@printedproof@PrintedProof from Massachusetts, USA

“I am thankful for my freedom more than anything. I love the ability to raise my children my way, work a job I love, and sleep in peace & comfort next to the woman of my dreams.”

@chrispirillo@ChrisPirillo from Seattle, Washington

“I’m thankful for my friends. I’m thankful for the internet and I’m thankful for the opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving.” (More from Chris in this video.)

For those who wonder why I chose Chris Pirillo for the bottom of this list, he responded with a video. And while it did not quite fit with this article, it was lots of fun to watch.

And finally, I am thankful that I was able to bring so many wonderful and amazing people together for this article. Thankful for family, friends and associates. Thankful for yet another day on this Earth. Thankful that peace is always a possibility.

And now…What are you thankful for?