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Visions Of Solitude – Photographs Of Quiet Moments

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With all the manic days and busy nights we endure, sometimes we just need a moment to relax…to think…and to breathe. These photos helped to get me to that place. Take a few moments to  experience a beautiful moment of solitude, peace and reflect on the calmer moments of your life. Namaste…

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5 Responses to “Visions Of Solitude – Photographs Of Quiet Moments”
  1. Roy says:

    I have been looking at photos online for much of the day just for a change from boring work! I have seen some lovely pictures but as a batch of photos these are probably the most memorable. Stunning.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. naomae says:

    amazing photos! it catches my eyes! its so beautiful and i admired it so much! keep up your good work!

  3. althea says:

    Honestly, all these photo amazed me at how beautiful life can be and being captured in a picture.

  4. J. Bear Photography says:

    Copyright © Jerry L. Bear All Rights Reserved. My images may not be used, reproduced in any form or medium without MY written permission.

    You have 24 hours to remove this photo.

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