Sand art thumbAndrew van der Merwe is an incredible calligrapher, artist and photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. He has enjoyed writing and lettering since childhood, but started freelancing about 20 years ago.

He developed his beach calligraphy technique and photographs his work to capture the quickly eroding art, which normally only survives an hour after creation. This does not seem to halt his artistic desire to create more, as he states, “I leave no footprints and the tide leaves me with a clean slate.”

His work is incredibly stunning, and his passion is obvious. He believes, “Even wordless writing must have a logic, a system of movement, a poetry.”

Andrew also has a passion for simple names as you will see in the photos. To have your name captured in the sand (currently listed on his site at $75.00), you can contact him via Behance messaging or email him: beachcalligraphy (at) to commission his creations.

Calligraphy Atlantic Light

Calligraphy Hope

Calligraphy Hope 2

Calligraphy Mu

Calligraphy Signatures

Calligraphy Signatures 2

Calligraphy The Legend Of Liquid Light

Calligraphy Doodles 1

Calligraphy Doodles 2

Calligraphy Doodles 3

Calligraphy Doodles 4

Calligraphy Names Emma

Calligraphy Names Kristin

Calligraphy Names Lorna

All Photos From Andrew van der Merwe

Thanks to @Longnu for finding this wonderful artist and sharing him with me.