black and white strawberryThere is truly nothing more stunning than a black and white photo. To be able to inspire with a simple, yet classic image consisting of such a basic color palette is something many strive to achieve.

An interesting variance of black and white photos, is when the photographer seeks to embrace the photo and warm it up with a splash of color. This selective color effect can create some of the most brilliant and breathtaking photography ever seen.

Tutorials for this incredible process can be found all over the web, but the trick is always in the choices made by the photographer or artist. This is a true art form. To decide what significant or insignificant part of the photo will create that wow factor is the most crucial part to this process.

After reviewing hundreds of these photos, today we bring you some truly brilliant images for your inspiration and to tempt you into trying this process yourself.

All photographic images are linked to their original artist.


Rouge by Traumlichtfabrik

Bride and Flower Girl by Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Blue Impact by TheFost

SS by Evvvvs

Smooth by Teon

Main Station by Xollob58

Red by Karen From Michigan

Mary Poppins by SDG Pictures

Along the Sam McGee Trail by Eyebex

Raining Red Passion by Federica84

In bad shape ... by Asmundur

Not Again! by MMGoode

The stranger by Yopse

Stop and Stare by NatalieJ

After The Race by Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Highway Insomnia by Nrbelex

Strawberry and Milk By Nate Flickinger

Sunset Reflections by WisDoc

State Street, Chicago by DiscoPalace

The House of Red by GrayMan

Preparing For The Storm by Lulemann