abuzzeditionMy name is Susan Elaine Cooper and I reside in North Carolina. I am a Social Media Enthusiast and Strategist. I am an active participant in social media and currently handle social media marketing, consulting and strategy targeted for musicians, entertainers and select businesses. My clients have included Collective Soul, Mary Sarah, Josh Charles and ProjectKpaz among others. In addition, I am VP of a family business, and also a proud member of  Eguiders.

This blog is for fun and an outlet for when I am stressed or inspired or just in the mood to laugh. I am driven by the thrill of discovering cool and unique content that makes others laugh or cry or sharing the content that is discovered by my friends.

Feel free to contact me @buzzedition if you feel I could be of assistance in your social media campaign or project.


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Tweets I Will Never Forget:

Via @MrTweet: Recommendations Received

Via @BenParr: Random Nice things #2: @BuzzEdition is just a master enthusiast of social media, period. I also hear she has magical ninja powers.

Via @ManiKarthik: #followfriday – @BuzzEdition Susan is a lovely lady, extremely popular social media maven yet her humility is commendable.

Via @Dublins98Dave: I’m absolutely thrilled for @BuzzEdition who deservedly won the Best Social Media Maven to Follow award! http://bit.ly/6AoRoA Yaaay Susan!

Via @Alyssa_Milano: @BuzzEdition Thank you, Susan. I feel blessed to know you.

Via @tanyaryno: I’m pretty sure NOT following @BuzzEdition is illegal in at least 10 states. Go ahead… Google it.

Via @chrisbrogan: @BuzzEdition – perfect! You’re a star for saying so.

Via @krystynchong: You know who rocks the twitterverse like nobody else? I know you know…@BuzzEdition she’s the Queen

Via @jeweljk: I think Meredith Vieira wants to commit a “David Letterman” with her guest RT @BuzzEdition This makes me laugh hard http://su.pr/25hbTi

Via @milagro88: Who hugs faster than a speeding bullet and leaps tweets in a single bound? -> @BuzzEdition

Via @Alyssa_Milano: @BuzzEdition We love you back.

Via @derekhalpern: So, I just had a conversation with @buzzedition , let me tell you this: Susan is quite the entrepreneur. I’m very impressed.

Via @Collective_Soul: #followfriday for two friends @christuff and @buzzedition because we could not do this without them- DR

Via @Alyssa_Milano: The happiest of Birthday wishes go out to my twister (Twitter sister) @buzzedition! ~HUGS~

Via @KathyIreland: @RayBeckerman @BCCF @BuzzEdition Thank you for kids. Today, $189,700 raised for allianceforChristianedu.org WOW!

Via @markgammon: If you think it’s impossible to have a large Twitter following yet still be engaged & personal.. @BuzzEdition proves you wrong :)


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