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How NOT To Beg For A Shorty Award on Twitter

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Shorty Awards are here again, and just like any awards program where people need to be nominated and voted for, some people truly have no clue that their incessant begging will more often than not, force people to vote against them, or at minimum do more harm than good.

Donate $10 To Help Rebuild Haiti And Get Free Music!

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New partnership between Causecast and Linkin Park’s “Music For Relief is so timely. Most people can give up a few coffees and donate a quick ten dollars, but this way, not only does Haiti get the funds it needs, those donating receive the gift of free music from musicians they know and love. It’s a win-win!

Crowd Helps Out Little Girl Singing National Anthem

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When a 9 year old experiences technical difficulties while singing the national anthem at a hockey game, the crowd chimes in to help her finish. United we sing -a beautiful and inspiring moment of American spirit.

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This – Poor Kitty

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Poor kitten in a water-filled bucket seems almost lifeless as he accepts his fate at bath-time.

Awesomeness – “Inception” meets “Jackass” [Video]

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When an incredible movie like “Inception” meets the comedic skills of the “Jackass” crew, you get a guaranteed viral parody!

Official Behind The Scenes Video For “Big Tweet”

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Official Behind The Scenes Video For “Big Tweet” starring Brandon T. Jackson & Sydney Poitier

Need A Sexy Tweet? Try Chatting With @DrBenKeeton #KeetonCures

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But this one just confused me because it was a verified character of a new ABC television show called “Off The Map.” I am a huge fan of any ABC dramatic series, and a huge television fan in general, especially when the oh so talented Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice) gets involved. But I did find myself tweeting my feelings of a weird vibe it gave me to chat with a TV character (aka a social media employee or intern.) Chatting with an actor, actress or entertainer is one thing, but fake chatting with a fake person?

Selena Gomez’s Facebook Page Hacked; Sends Out Link Via Twitter

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Looks as if Selena Gomez’s Facebook page has been hacked. And to prove the event occurred, user know as PkinJ0r – Aka – Prokill The Video, posts a video of the hacking on her Twitter page.

Exclusive: The Making Of “Big Tweet” with @TanyaRyno

January 10, 2011 by  
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Tanya Ryno, former Saturday Night Live commercial parody & TV Funhouse producer, has just completed a new project for Funny or Die, called “Big Tweet.” She was kind enough to share with me a bit about the behind the scenes development of this wonderful social media parody featuring Brandon T. Jackson. Tanya’s other current projects include directing “23 Seconds” in Atlanta, Georgia and producing “A Room Of My Own” in NYC.