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Casting Call: Short Film “The Drought”

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Film and Music Director Kevin Slack has begun casting a new short film entitled “The Drought” about an elderly Brooklyn resident contemplating his daily routine as an umbrella street vendor during a discouraging and persistent drought. The film was written by Kevin Slack and is being produced by Allison Vanore and Nicole Scarano. This short […]

Win $25,000 For Being Right!

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NBC’s reality show “The Marriage Ref” has upped the ante. Created by Jerry Seinfeld himself, this is relationship advice….with a comedic twist. Now the couple that is deemed the most right will compete for $25,000.00! Hosted  by Tom Papa, this comedic panel of judges determines who’s right and who’s wrong in the silliest of marital squabbles. Past […]

Dear Social Media Expert: I Raise Your Unfollow With A Block And A Blog

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I was unfollowed this morning for saying no. Actually I said no twice, which I assume is what made her mad at me. I wasn’t aware that if someone RTs me, that I owe them something. And when I say “something” … I mean  an advertisement cleverly disguised as an infographic hosted on my site and […]

It Gets Better (If You Stick Around For It) #ItGetsBetter

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A beautiful viral movement has started: It Gets Better. It all began because of one man’s outrage over the senseless suicides of young gay teens who ended their lives because of bullying. But for me,  it’s more than that. We lose our children every day to suicide. For whatever reason they feel they have no […]

Going to Jon Stewart’s #RallyForSanity? You’ll Need A Shirt!

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In case you haven’t heard, Jon Stewart is fed up and he’s not going to take it anymore. He has started a movement with his “Rally For Sanity” to be held in Washington DC on October 30th. This is the anti-tea party rally, the anti-everything rally. This rally is for the busy people who are […]

Grilled Cheesus: Let Us Pray

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The Grilled Cheesus shirt

After Finn’s revelation that wishing on a grilled cheese sandwich (with an image of Jesus burned into the bread) gave him the power to make all his dreams come true, Gleeks everywhere were praying to the “grilled cheesus.” The Grilled Cheesus by BuzzEdition See other Grilled T-Shirts The Grilled Cheesus by BuzzEdition View more Grilled […]